The reason there isn’t much here is because there isn’t much about me that I believe to be all that interesting.

A Neo-pagan resource site recently linked me as a “Christian mystic and Inklings fan”. They’re 2/3 right. I am a Christian, a recently minted Orthodox Christian with roots all over the late 20th century theological landscape, I am definitely an Inklings fanboy, having read and re-read their works for over 40 years.

But I am not a mystic. Mystics don’t work in cubicles or watch Breaking Bad. I do both. Mystics dwell by waterfalls, collect mushrooms, and contemplate butterflies.

I go to this church, and enjoy the food in this restaurant. I have one wife, two children, and a Beagle.

Saint David of Wales is my patron. His feast day is March 1.   The Welsh celebrate my name-day as their national day.    St. David of Wales was a waterbender.