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“It may not be clear immediately how it is related, but Christ says that we, in the Church, are the salt of the Earth, and if the salt loses its saltiness you can’t make it salty again if it goes stale. And he says that we are to be the light of the world, and He doesn’t mean for you to leave a night light on inside the burnt house of your soul. That’s directed outward. And one of the big things we lose when our Christianity becomes materialist is that we lose the priesthood, and we lose sacrifice and we lose worship, because those aren’t things anymore.

“Priesthood is maybe something Christ as the great high priest is doing off in “heaven” somewhere, but sacrifice isn’t a thing we’re doing . What happens with materialist Christianity every time is it devolves into politics.

If it’s conservative materialist Christianity it devolves into right wing politics and if it is liberal materialist Christianity, it devolves into liberal politics, but in both instances you are using fundamentally material means to try to bring about or enforce some idea of justice or to create some kind of utopia on Earth through purely physical means.

“Material means means force, either the form of direct force in violence, or social force, the force of public shame, public will, public sentiment. Your enemies become the people who disagree with you. they’re the enemy that has to be defeated and destroyed, and we’re trying to do all this without God being involved, because we’re doing it without priesthood, and we’re doing it without worship, and we’re doing it without sacrifice, so the only thing we can possibly create is Hell on Earth.

“The answer to this is to realize once again who we are. People who are in the Church and people who are outside the Church, people who love Christ and people who hate Christ, have the same enemy, and it’s not Christ. They have the same enemy, and it’s the demonic powers who want to enslave and destroy us.

We are here as priests. We are the hope that has been placed in the world for those people outside the Church. We are the ones who as priests can bring Christ to them and bring them to Christ. We are the ones who are called and empowered to reconnect them with God, to bring them into a community of which Christ is a member.”

The Lord Of Spirits podcast is like a breath of fresh air in a musty room. Fathers Andrew Damick and Stephen De Young have a volatile property on their hands. I certainly hope that in the future they outline for us what they mean by “materialist Christianity”. I have a glimmer of an idea what they may mean by this; Father Stephen Freeman covers it very well in his posts about a two- versus a one-storey universe. I had for the longest time subscribed to a cosmology where the only channel that allowed the Powers of the World to Come to operate in this world behind the leaden Wittgensteinian bunker doors was the Bible.