9. Enemy Mine by Wolfgang Petersen.  This almost completely overlooked little gem came and went without a trace in 1985, despite that it had been directed by the same director who had released the immensely popular The Neverending Story a couple of years earlier.

This is a movie about that most difficult commandment of Jesus; loving your enemy.  When someone asked me what this movie was about, that is how I replied.  It is about loving your enemy.  My interrogator was aghast.  “Was it funded by Focus On The Family?  Did it air on the Hallmark Channel?”

No, I replied.  It stars Dennis Quaid and Lou Gosset, Jr .  That in itself should signal how far from culture-war Christianity this movie is.   Anyway.  Its not preachy or overblown.  It gets a little long, especially in the middle, but it stands on it own as a decent sci-fi flick as well.  I liked it better than The Last Starfighter, which is very high praise indeed.